This section collects digital and registers physical artifacts that I have produced and created as part of my research. Some of these projects have their own websites and resources, as well attached files that refer to their nature. Below there is a list of presentations, panels, and other public and academic events that I have participated in as a speaker.

Acercando Tecnologías

Webinar series dedicated to teachers of Technology Education in Chile during between June to November 2020. It includes 18 webinars on several topics by leading multidisciplinarian experts, on relevant topics of the technological curriculum.

Co-produced with Nicole Larrondo, Cristobal Quezada and Matías Garcia

@IAMSCICOMM - March 2021

I hosted the week from March 8th to 13, 2021 the popular Twitter @IAMSCICOMM (with more than 30K followers) focused on technological communication. During that week, we discussed how to communicate effectively about technological issues, in particular when global perspectives are required.

Hoja en Blanco

Co-.design card game to create images from a post-constitutional futures for Chile. Team with Enzo Dattoli, Javiera Rojas, Lissette Duarte, Sergio Villagrán, Daniela Vera, Paz Torreblanca, Agustín Covarrubias, Alison Vivanco and Matías García

Emoji Technology Assesment

Keeler, L., McAllister, S., Loughman, J. Weiner, S., Nelson, JP., Cordero, J., Hajric, E. Perez Comisso. M. Exhibit in EMERGE 2019: INVENTION!, and 4S 2020 Macking and Doing virPrague. Availible:

Patent Laberynt: A non-human Flowchart

Perez Comisso, M. & Noel, P. (2019) Exhibit in EMERGE 2019: INVENTION!

Sociotechnical geographies from the end of the World

Perez Comisso, M., Seguel, P., Sanhueza, N. Acevedo, C. Cancino, R. (2018) In STS Across Border Gallery Exhibit, Curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Annual Meeting of Society of Social Studies of Science. Sydney, Australia. August 30-31, 2018.

Technological theories for all

Perez Comisso, M. Making and Doing August 31st -September 3rd, 2017. Boston, MA. United States of America - (Winner of a Making and Doing Award, 2017)

Scientific Legislation

Perez Comisso, M., Maciel, C., Roberts, R. Making and Doing. 11-14 November 2015. Denver, United States of America