This is a "NOW" page. I saw it on another web, and I like it.

April 2022

During March and April I has been doing a lot of interviews for my dissertation. At April 27th, the number is 52. I hope to reach 65-70 before mid-May.

I did a course called Write of Passage, that has been mindblowing to overcome some writing fears, that are critical to make me complete my dissertation. I´m writing more often, with less fear, and sharing this with some people. Also, writing is releasing some emotions that I have stuck from a while.

I´m preparing a travel to Chile for June, with some stops in my way South. I haven´t been out of the US in three years, and I really miss the montains. Chile is a completely different place on 2022, than in 2017, the last time I used to live in there.

Also, I rebooted my website thanks to the guidance of Agustin Covarrubias. Hope things are more easy to explore, find and more secure, too.

February 2022

February 2022

The size of the question dictates the size of the audience - Nicholas Cole

January flew by sick. I got a bronquitis the last week of December, then I recover just one week to say bye to Matias (who is back in Chile, for a new job), begin the semester and go to the Winter School (that I work a bit on the preparations) for the last 3 days only.

January was a month that I was expecting to write a lot. But, I save two weekends to make self-retreats that didn´t work. Both, because I was sick. I got sick on the 20-ish, and the last 10 days I got a new "All time low". The last stretch of the recovery I played Pokemon Leyends: Arceus, that is probably one of the things that I was most excited the last month.

About my dissertation, I read some more, I collected some documents and data to analyze later, but I wasn´t able to go through. But, with a renew feeling and survived COVID for first time, I hope that I will make February a month to get things done.

Two last academic things: The first is the quote above, from Nicholas Cole. Writing my unapproved prospectus for my dissertation, the question is the part that I have spend more time envisioning. But, now that I´m have to write it, this idea about question and audience is inspiring me about how to frame it. The second, is that wonder is something to seek. Do not put away things that feel wonderful to you.

Now, back to work :-)

January 2022

January 2022

October 2021

October 2021

“The path of someone shy of arrival at a goal

easily takes the form of a labyrinth”

Walter Benjamin

Last Friday I got 33. And it was very unexpected. My weekend started with Matias in a Desert Botanical Garden for a Halloween special event. The day of my birthday started with messages from Australia, Fiji, India, and Japan, and it continued with a night of vibrations and sounds carried from Italy, Greece, Spain, and Germany. Once the morning started, the pop-ups from Uruguay, Brazil, US, and Chile completed an orchestra of manifestations of love, that I´m very grateful to them.

That night, my friend Angelo and my closest from PMFit Crossfit surprised me with a wonderful dinner, and even after we went dancing. On the morning of Saturday 23th, I became for the first time a car owner, thinking that it was also unexpected. On Sunday I reconnect with a friend and colleague I haven´t seen in more than 1 year, the now Dr. Fadok, who recently completed his Ph.D. in Science and Tech Studies.

All this love and time make me realize if, I want to get my dissertation in the next year, now is the time to put all the ideas, notions, and notes in prose. Make the papers, complete those requisites and get those interviews with the people that I have already met. The time is now to show all that work and ideas that I have been building skills on the last 4 years. Even Matias has been very direct, asking me if I writing my dissertation every day since his return from Chile two weeks ago.

But, I feel a sense of readiness that I haven´t got before. Something that makes me feel that I can articulate these ideas clearly, and put together an intentional argument, and not just intuition.

I have the strength to break my own walls in the labyrinth that I made for myself.

September 2021

September 2021

I´m in my ninth semester of the Ph.D. During the last 3 weeks, Matias has been back in Chile, and I´m focusing on my writing.

I´m focusing on completing a draft for my prospectus, my last exams, and some articles around citizen science, antifutures, and images of technology—a lot of writing.

In addition, I have been learning to use MAXQDA for qualitative analysis and working with Dr. Jameson Wetmore as his research assistant.

I have some tests on my eyes to do on my health, and I am continuing to go to therapy. My upper back has a little muscular pain, and going with a certain regularity to Crossfit. My last update is that I hope to get a driver's license in the US this month. The test is not hard, but miles sucks.

July 2021

July 2021

After the pandemic, I´m still in Phoenix, Arizona, doing my Ph.D. in STS (or something like that). I have an intense desire to get out of the US and just come back to visit friends.

My Beca-Chile ended last month, and I´m now being funded by my program for the fifth year of it. I´m delayed on my research scheduled and with a lot of anxiety about it. I discovered that I have struggled to distribute and slide my work in small chunks, and I´m more overwhelmed with my work than in my 20s.

My research priorities are to write my prospectus and draft the first paper of the dissertation. Also, get some interviews. Also, I will be participating in 4S 2021 with a panel that has me very happy.

I have almost 7 years of covalent relationship with Matías, and he is supporting my desertic adventures.

I have been seeing therapy since May 2021 to deal with anxiety, practicing Crossfit around 3 times a week with a great gang and an amazing coach, and trying to work intentionally in my work.

Recurrently I´m playing at night Pokemon Unite, Fortnite, and 7ds. When I´m on a bike ride, I usually listening podcasts about Futures, Music, and Business. I´m reading a bunch of newsletters.